Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A bit late today.

Grace is having a battle of the teeth. She's teething and it's a bear today. I have gotten very little done as she has been very clingy today. I don't mind the clingy thing at all because I love the " I need my Mommy" feeling but I was hoping to get some things done today. Like cleaning. I am pretty sure that a giant dust bunny waved and said good morning to me on my way to the coffee pot. I managed to vacuum the middle floor of the house and dump all the laundry over the banister so that I can start bringing it down in loads and get it in to the washer. I started the master bath yesterday and deemed it unfit for use until complete disinfection has taken place. There has been no further progress on it either. SO, tonight will be a pizza type night and I hope to get a fair amount of cleaning done. And tylenol will be Grace's bestie while I try to clean. Poor baby. I feel her chompers trying to cut through. As much as I don't want her to get teeth cause the gummy smile is so darn cute, I hope they cut through soon so she doesn't have much pain.

I did get pictures taken of more of my pieces though. So I will post them for sale tomorrow around lunchtime. I think that's when things should get posted. It seems to me people internet shop while eating lunch at work. Maybe I'm wrong. I guess I will find out.

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