Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day One of Blogging

Okay, let's see how this goes...

This whole blogging thing is new to me but I feel like it's a way to keep track of thoughts and ideas and things that have happened throughout the day so that I don't lose them to the "mpmmy brain".

I'm trying to start a business. I keep having this thought run through my head like a million times a day. I need something to keep my old working world brain going as I am currently employed by my fove month old daughter who is quite demanding but she doesn't ask me for monthly P&L reports or hold me accountable for an entire business like I am used to. So my own business... mine. Something I like to do but never had much time or drive to be productive before. Beading. So as of two weeks ago I started an shop of handmade jewelry that I am quickly building a generous inventory of. Now if only I could get people to see my shop over the like million other handmade jewelry shops on etsy. So not only am I a shop owner, jewelry designer, creator, procurer of materials, laborer, and photographer but now I have to be a marketer as well... oh and wait............. I AM A FULL TIME MOMMY! Well now I am kinda glad I handle stress pretty well.

I will attempt to get my thoughts out here every day because I need somewhere to store all of them. On the other hand, as I stare at my daughter in the excersaucer, I get very little free time because naps a very rare commodity around here, so thoughts may be short but I'm sure this journey is going to be an adventure.

Oh look... my first edit already... I should have mentioned that the title of the blog is HarmonyandGrace, Grace is my daughter and HarmonyandGrace is the name of my etsy shop.

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