Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am a self admitted, a facebook addict. Like most of the people of this world I am guilty of checking it a million times a day. I think after having the baby though I may be down to a half a million checks a day. But this morning, in the name of business boosting, I have set up a facebook fan page for HarmonyandGrace. At least I think I set up a fan page. My technological savvy is extremely limited so there is no telling what I really set up this morning. We shall see how it goes. I have asked my fellow etsyians to go over to the link I posted and take a look to make sure I didn't miss anything like you  know, the shop's name, or like what I sell, etc.

Today we are going to check out a new bead shop nearby. I'm looking for a few things that are pretty particular and the bead shop that we normally go to doesn't have much of a selection in that area. It's strange to think that a store full of thousands of beads (all beautiful) doesn't have what I'm looking for but I guess since I like the thrill of the hunt it's ok. And Grace likes to look at all the colors and sparkles so it doesn't get much better. She does awesome at the bead store. She just hangs out in her carrier and looks at everything. She doesn't even make a peep. It's strange. It's like the only time she will spend an hour and a half and make no noise. I talk to her and hand her stuff t feel and she is mesmerised. After the bead store we are going to gymboree to hit up the sale and spend our gymbucks that we earned a couple of months ago and then we head out to Mommom's house to see the slobbermonster (my mom's golden retriever) and the progress she has made on her garden out back of the house. I am going to try to take some pictures this morning before it gets to be a hundred degrees outside and get new items posted before we head out because traffic in the shop was down yesterday. Yesterday was the first day in the past week that I didn't post a new item and traffic dropped and I don't need to see a trend to understand that.

The link (I think) to the facebook page is:!/pages/HarmonyandGrace/259121527435245?sk=wall

Stop on by and take a look, share with your friends and give me a "like".

I will attempt to post pictures of my shop's items tomorrow when I have a bit more time to figure out how to do that.

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