Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's the weekend!

Not that the day of the week matters too much to me 'cause it's the same routine everyday but the hubs is home and that means I have some adult company, two-way conversation, and some brief breaks from baby related things. Oh, and I get to have him to some projects to help with getting the etsy business thing up and running. I had an idea last week about building a rack that I could store the earrings that I make on. So we bought the items we needed to build it last weekend and he cut the wood in the middle of the week and put it together yesterday. So today he started painting it. Now I think I want him to make a place for necklaces to hang, so we will figure out how to make that at some point. I'm sure it will require a trip to either the craft store or home depot. Most of our weekends require a trip to home depot.

So on to the etsy shop. I have alot of "looks" and "favorites" but no sales. I know it's vacation season and I have ALOT of competition but I would have thought maybe one sale by now. So I took to the etsy group boards this morning and asked for some help. I asked if people would take a look at my store and then give me some feedback of what they thought. I only have had a few answers so far but they all said to add more or my items to create a bigger store and get a bigger footprint in the market and also to get better pictures of my jewelry. I started taking some different pictures on Friday this week. I admit they are way better than the first pictures that I was using but I still have a long way to go until I will be satisfied with the images. I keep trying different things with lighting and background so it's just a constant work in progress, just like the rest of my life.

Well, the babe is fussing so I shall go and tend to her. Until later...

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