Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's HOT!!!

I know I get to stay inside for most of the day. I only really go out to walk the dogs since we stay home most of the time but over the past few days I have been going outside to take pictures of my jewelry so I can get it posted online in the hope of making some sales.  I asked some of my etsy teams for some advice on what I could do better in my shop and the consensus was that I needed better pictures and more items. So I have a whole bunch of stuff that I have made but not yet taken pictures of or posted and I am trying to work on that. The baby only allows me to do so much at once and if I am trying to write a listing she decides that it would be the best time to have a meltdown.

So the things on my radar are:
Take pictures
List more items
Make this blog look like I have a life- such as pictures and links to stuff like my etsy shop
I am going to look at some more stores in a small local town to see if I can get my stuff in to sell

Blah- I just feel like my life is an intermittent windshield wiper. I get a bunch of stuff done and then I have to wait to get more accomplished or finished. NO, I am not complaining about being home with our daughter at all. It's just really still very new to me to not be able to start something and complete it in the same effort. It's kinda weird and kinda frustrating but I wouldn't want it any different. I love being home with her and getting to see every change in her and go through each day with everything new. New laugh, new scream, new food, new smile, frown, grump, squeal,movement, etc. I love it all and in between each new thing I hope to get this business moving. I haven't been excited about something like this in a long time. My last job became very monotonous. I didn't have to think at all, it just went like a very well oiled machine which was great in some ways but I always liked a challenge. So now I guess I have a big challenge... I am going to raise our daughter and make every attempt to get this business off the ground.

Ok, well I am going to try to figure out this picture thing so at least people can see the reason I live and breathe (Grace) and the current bane of my existence (upstart business).

I took this yesterday when we were outside photographing jewelry. I think I ended up with more pictures of Grace than the jewelry, which I guess in the long run will be more sacred.

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