Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can we go yet?

Good morning! We were up alot last night and finally gave in to starting our day at six a.m.. Yesterday was ok in productivity. We got two bracelets and one necklace made. I have to admit that the necklace is AWESOME!!! I might make one for myself to keep. My mom came over for dinner and we went to bed at a reasonable hour with a tired baby. She went down around 9:30 and slept until 11:30. Then up and down until 2:30a.m.. I watched tv for a while and nodded off every fifteen minutes or so but little-miss-I-don't-wanna-sleep-through-the-night-anymore kept kicking and chirping so another restless, broken night of sleep on the books.

So. Today. Here we are. It's 9 a.m. and I have already made a pair of earrings and plotted out a few other things. I loaded google web analytics to monitor the traffic on my shops site to see when people are surfing the web the most so I can figure out the best time to load new items to the site. I have surfed through some other shops to see what their gimick is and how they are cornering the market. I have had two cups of coffee, eaten breakfast, changed three diapers, fed the baby twice and am waiting. Waiting for the bead store to open. Can we go yet? I feel like a kid waiting to go somewhere fun. I got up all early with anticipation only to have to wait 'cause the destination isn't open yet. It's kind of funny Staying home with the baby all the time, now I get excited about leaving the house to go just about anywhere. It still takes me like two hours to prepare to go anywhere since I have to get ready and I have to get her ready, and then I have to pack her up and make sure that we have all our bases covered for anything the may arise while we are out. Diapers, milk, wipes, extra outfit, etc. Just pack the entire nursery... it's easier.

The goal of the day is:

Go to the bead supply store.
Come home.
Feed the baby.
Put Grace down for a nap.
Work on projects.
Come up with a gameplan to photograph finished products.
Play around with ideas.
Feed the baby.
And probably be baby-centric focused for the remainder of the evening.

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