Friday, July 22, 2011

Things may be a-changin'

Early morning posting due to the fact that my friend is coming over to give me a hand with all of my web based stuff. I am not technologically savvy at all. Not even a little. She, on the other hand, is going to school for it, and even before she went to school for it, she was good at it. Anyways, she is using me for a project and some experience and I am using her for her savvy. So we are going to fancy some things up, like this blog since it is only as "built" as I could make it with a template, and we are going to figure out how to spread/ build a bigger fanbase so that my etsy site is seen more. I am really routing to have that first sale by the end of the month so that leaves me with a week and two days. Think I can do it? I'm trying/hoping!

And this weekend will be full of beading! I have not been at all productive this week. I think I have made like three pairs of earrings and that's about it. Pathetic! Need to do some catch up.

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